This week… Blonde Hedgehogs, blossom and going underground

  • This week… Blonde Hedgehogs, blossom and going underground
    So the UK begins to unlock again and so far, so good. With 47% of the population having received at least one vaccine dose, the numbers across cases, deaths and hospitalisations continue to fall. It’s early days. After more than a year of this nightmare it doesn’t feel realistic to breathe entirely easy yet, but I dare to hope we’re headed in the right direction. …
  • This week…firsts
    A decidedly mixed week. One minute wild storms, the next brilliant spring sunshine. Activities this week included a virtual visit to Winnipeg for the live launch of the world’s first purpose-built Inuit Art Centre. In between reviewing a new garden book for publication next month and popping into Monmouthshire to meet artisan food producers, I also spent time choosing British cheeses for an Easter family …
  • This week… romantic island getaways
    In case it’s escaped your notice, today is Valentine’s Day and more than ever the world needs love. This week I’m sharing some romantic locations to visit, from the simply discreet to a remote beach in Norway.
  • This week… sheep stations, Star Wars and sainthood
    In the bleak midwinter. January is cold and damp in the UK. It’s my least favourite month and I’m always relieved when the 31st comes around. There are signs of spring in nature like the catkins, daffodils and snowdrops I spot on my walks, and the days are noticeably getting longer, if not any warmer. The pandemic continues to sweep across the planet and every …
  • This week… love is in the air
    I’d like to tell you that I’ve had a fabulous week, maybe wining and dining at a Michelin restaurant or cosy bistro. In fact, the highlight of my week was the safe delivery of a new washing machine, the old one having flooded the kitchen floor. Welcome to my world.

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