about me

I’m a freelance writer and content creator specialising in destinations, lifestyle, food & wine, arts, heritage & culture and luxury markets. I live within the wide open space of the beautiful South Downs National Park in the UK. Writing was always a passion. Alongside a junior school essay “No Man Is An Island… Discuss” the teacher’s comment reads “a very mature view”. I started to seriously pursue a writing career about 18 months ago but I have been writing for over 15 years in-house. I left school with a few decent O Levels (this was the Sixties) and worked as a junior booker at a Travel Agency, where I caught the travel bug. Fast forward and I later jumped at the chance to work for a charity in Mallorca where I spent a year soaking up the sunshine and the lifestyle. If there’s a thread to my life it’s saying Yes! to new opportunities. When life has given me lemons (and there have been plenty of those) I’ve hung on to the belief that there’s something positive around the next corner.

On return from Spain, I read English Literature with Classical Studies at University of Reading, followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Post graduation, my plans were overtaken by an unexpected offer to join a brand new company under the BMW banner.

Once again, I said yes and set up the new press office for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Within a year or so I had completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations and was developing stories, writing press releases, web site content and more, on a range of projects from art to lifestyle and traditional crafts to sustainability. Work produced in-house was, of course, published without my byline but I loved every minute of it. Celebrity involvement was a given and I worked with many interesting people including journalists, editors and TV producers from around the world.

At the neighbouring West Dean estate I honed my skills further writing on heritage, arts and culture programmes across the group of companies. Since then, three years in the tourism industry as Destination PR Manager at a former tourist board rekindled my passion for the industry.

I’ve also researched and written successful awards entries such as the RIBA National Awards, Sussex Heritage Awards and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Heritage Angel Awards.

As a result, I have a comprehensive understanding of what a brand is looking for and how this works strategically, and have written for a broad range of publications both print and online.

My recent work has been published in digital publications including regular contributions to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Travel Begins At 40, as well as A Glass of Bubbly, The Good Life France, Captured Travel (Australia) and Honey Good (USA). I also review hotels and major exhibitions. I’m very active on social media and while my stats are modest I genuinely enjoy engaging with people from all over the world.


Since starting my freelance writing career I’ve worked with a number of organizations including: Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc; the Italian National Tourist Board; Visit Piemonte; Eating Europe; Pas-de-Calais Tourism; the de Savary Properties; Tewkesbury Park Hotel and Golf Club; Gisborough Hall; Saga Cruises; The Royal Crescent, Bath; and more.

The Languedoc Wine Council hosted Irene for a press trip in the summer of 2019. Irene has been a very easy going person, that integrated well in the group (although of very different profiles than her own), and was interested in every activity and person she was introduced to. She has been very serious in verifying her sources and the details of what she chose to write about in her articles. We have enjoyed reading and sharing Irene’s pieces, and we are proud that they translate our affection for our beautiful wine region. She is more than welcome for a future visit”. Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc.

I also write a journal with musings on some of the destinations, events and exhibition that don’t make it into a feature for one reason or another (usually not enough space!). I’m not so much about the big hero photos (although I’m always open to those wow! moments) but more about the detail, the beautiful and the fascinating, that make for a more meaningful experience wherever you are in the world. 

I’m also always open to discussing future collaborations and opportunities with publications, brands, companies and tourism organizations, so please get in touch with me here.  Or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

Finally, you can see a small selection of my published work and photographs on this site. I hope you enjoy browsing.

Irene Caswell @hashtagtravelin