Hello 2022

Welcome back! I trust you had a peaceful and – dare I say it – fun holiday break. What’s in store for 2022? I have no idea but this sign, spotted on a walk today on the Cowdray Estate, seemed to encapsulate the general feeling. On with the year!

This is a short post this week as we ease back gently into the day-to-day routine. It seems like a good time to stop and reassess hashtagtravelling.com. It all began as a calling-card to enable editors and others to learn more about me and verify my work.

The journal evolved as a way of reliving and sharing my travels. When the pandemic began two years ago, and travel became impossible, the This Week diary explored the chaos and confusion.

Since then there have been food features, product reviews, interviews, blogs on virtual exhibitions and events, style and, as lockdown eased a little last year, a few live events I was fortunate to attend.

As 2022 gets underway it’s time to focus more on what really works, what I like to write about and what you enjoy reading about.

More food + wine features?

More lifestyle stories?

More on exploring Britain?

Or more art and culture?

As 2022 begins to unfold, I’d like your feedback on what you enjoyed reading about on hashtagtravelling.com over the past two years.

Thank you! And here’s to a healthy, peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

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