New hair, new you

There’s something about a new hair cut that makes you feel brand new. If you get it right that is. We’ve all had hair disasters we’d rather forget about. For some time I’ve been searching for a hair stylist since I first cut my long hair about a year ago. Someone who can interpret what I’m looking for, and steer me in the right direction if I’m way off beam, like asking for the impossible based on my hair type, face shape and skin tone.

My search has also meant quite a financial outlay and I mentioned my frustration to Kain Lawrence, Business Development Director at Q Hair & Beauty who have branches in Chichester, Midhurst and Donnington in West Sussex. Kain very kindly invited me to meet with Natasha, the educator at Q whom he assured me was ‘incredible with scissors’.

I took along some examples of styles I loved on my phone. A few of the fabulous women whom I find inspirational, and not only for their hair! (Apologies but I don’t have the details for these photos so if you are the photographer, please let me know so I can credit you here).

Kain was spot-on about Natasha’s skills. Friendly, knowledgeable and very experienced not only did I leave with a fabulous haircut but she also took the time to explain carefully how she was cutting my hair (to give shape, balance and volume in the right places), but also why it would work best with my unruly mop (thicker in some places and dead straight). Three Q students stood patiently by while Natasha confidently snipped and styled. Finally, she gave me a lesson on how to wash and style my hair at home, including how much product to apply. I really appreciated this as somehow I can never achieve a finish to match the salon experience.

Natasha’s top tip: when applying a soft hair wax, a pea size is about right for short hair. Rub it into your hands as you would hand cream, then ‘comb’ through your hair using your hands and fingers to tease hair into shape. This helps to ensure the application of wax is light and evenly spread.

Many thanks to Kain and to Natasha for inviting me to be a model for a couple of hours. I’m taking my new hair style out to a Supper Club tomorrow evening, more on that in my next post.

I was a model courtesy of Q Hair & Beauty Salons, Chichester. We don’t think twice about visiting a spa out of town for a day of beauty treatments, so check out aspirational salons elsewhere for their model days for a spot of beauty tourism. Let me know how you get on and share your ‘before & after’ photos!

Q Hair & Beauty, Chichester

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