24 hours in Chichester

Breakfast at Carluccios because they serve the best coffee. Forget the fluffy stuff, this is  dark and velvety. Ask for a little cream to drizzle over, pure indulgence along with a sweetly bitter almond macaroon. There’s also a little shopping area for stocking up on a few Italian treats.

Lunch at Brassserie Blanc and chose from the menu of the day. This is my go-to place when my feet are sore from shopping. Reliably good and a nice French vibe. Super service too. When I mentioned to the waiter how much I enjoyed the souffle-like goats cheese starter with beetroot, he returned with the recipe, compliments of the chef!

Brasserie Blanc, Chichester – credit Brasserie Blanc

Afternoon tea at BB Vegan in Draper’s Yard. Tucked away beyond East Street the ‘Shedquarters’ is home to local makers and craftspeople. Support the independent small businesses and drop in for some unusual gifts and items for the home, and have a cuppa and a slice of something nice at BBs to keep you going until dinner.

BBs, Draper’s Yard

Dinner at The Jetty Restaurant. The Jetty began at Muddeford and has now branched out, as many chef brands have struck out in the past few years and not always successfully,  into the Harbour Hotel Group. Self taught Chef Patron, Alex Aiken, is seriously enthusiastic about fresh fish as he began his career as a trawlerman. The restaurant interior is stylish and the menu a delight. It is one of the few places I would chose fish for both starter and main course.

The Jetty Restaurant, Harbour Hotel, Chichester – credit Harbour Hotels

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